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Many times when building a mechanical movement or restoring a clock case, parts have broken or have been modified from it's original state. The need to copy or manufacture a part that is no longer available becomes an important part of bringing an old movement or case back to life. Below are just a couple of examples of items fabricated to make the job complete.


Hand crafted minute hand from spring steel and highly polished to match the original hour hand for an Art Deco "Junghans" Westminster Chime mantle clock.


A set of three fabricated replacement finials for a Schatz "Jubilee" 400 day Anniversary clock. Hand turned on an old Unimat Lathe/Mill miniature watchmakers lathe from hardened brass. The finials still in the raw stages as the base posts await threading, the finials will undergo a final polishing and then a quality gold tinted clear lacquer top coat to match the original finial located next to the ruler.


Hand cut hour hand from spring steel, blued and new glow radiant added to both hands to complete this Waltham dash clock overhaul.


Often the need to hand turn balance staffs that are no longer available presents itself. The old balance with a broken upper pivot, the new staff pictured below............even though these staffs are considered "large", they're still small in comparison to the dime.


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